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The institution’s Plan

Institute of applied technology (IAT) invests several resources to provide technology in classrooms for teachers and students. The technology plan is highlighted in the vision and mission of the school as well as in strategic plans. The network of schools of (IAT) have realised a remarkable jump in the use of technology since 2012. New Hitachi smart boards have been installed in all classrooms. With wireless access to the web, students were provided with laptops. The next school year, these laptops were replaced by iPads.

The impact of the current technology plan on learning is measured in terms of students’ achievements and group work engagement in classroom activities. With laptops students experienced less interactions and lots of distractions in group work activities. After many discussion groups and meetings of the teachers with the curriculum and IT committee a report had been raised to the program manager. A SWOT analysis was necessary for an alternative plan to run iPad classrooms. iPads provided easier mobility and more shared spaces for group interactions. The financial department stopped any future purchases for laptops and reallocated the funds for a deal with the Apple store.

Teachers, librarians and administrative staff were already enrolled in PD sessions for Hitachi smart board, windows 8 and all office applications. With the introduction of iPads and its educational applications such as iTunes U, iBooks and Nearpod the PD plan had to extend to provide the needed training.

My Plan


I am looking for diversity in teaching and learning through curricular and extra-curricular activities. Technology will aid my mission and make it easier and faster.


I will be using smart board (Hitachi) for the interactivity and collaboration it brings into my classroom. iPads along with many educational apps would enrich the group work and social interaction. iBooks is a powerful tool to develop curricula for different grade levels. It provides students with a dynamic and interactive e-book loaded with texts, videos and web related links. iTunes U and Nearpod would be of great help to me in my daily classroom instructions. Nearpod changes the classroom learning environment form static to dynamic where students receive real time feedback and equally share their inputs.

In addition to the interesting course EDDL 5151, I am looking for more courses from TRU open learning. I think courses in curriculum and technology would be of great interest for me. Moreover, I carry on with my informal learning through registering in online courses like Mathematica, Matlab and web design.

All over the period of the implementation of my plan I will be in a direct contact with our technology providers. Those experts are keen for feedback about the influence of theses apps on the learning environment and they showed the interest for any suggestions to enhance their products. Moreover, employers in the technical industry will be very interested to learn about the learning approach of the plan.

Monitoring the behaviour of students regarding engagement and group work participation will be pivotal in determining the effectiveness of the plan. The GPA of students and their overall achievements would help give more panoramic image.









I will reflect on these articles through my  experience as a Mathematics teacher. I used Hitachi smart board  to retrieve online material and incorporate it in classroom activities.  Moreover, I ran iPad classroom where I created Mathematics lessons in Nearpod for iPads.

  • These devices allowed more virtual flexibility in the instruction. Manipulation of geometric figures became more effective through the use of Cabri II and Geometer.
  • All learners (with or without disabilities) in my classroom equally accessed the online information and shared their inputs.
  • Visual and written content were very helpful for students with disabilities.
  • Real time feedback by using the Nearpod app helped students to be aware of the errors and directed them to the right path in Math exercises.
  • Using the iPads and manipulating virtual objects, students experienced low physical efforts. Moreover, they experienced equitable access to information, especially for those with learning disabilities.
  • In addition to what the articles mentioned about clarity of vocabularies and graphics, I would highlight the collaboration and group work using online material through the iPads.


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Yehia copy

Hi everyone!

My name is Yehia, I am in the MEd program at Thompson Rivers University and this is my first course at TRU- open learning.  I am really interested and looking forward to this course and more courses in curriculum and technology in education.

My undergraduate degree is in Sciences- Pure Mathematics and I have a long experience in teaching Mathematics courses in different countries.  I found it most appropriate to go for thesis route in Mathematics education, so that I can utilise my undergraduate education as well as my previous work experiences in my thesis.

Hobbies- I like swimming, travelling, reading and listening to music.

Yehia Mahmoud,


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