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July 26, 2016 | 3 Comments

Hello there, my presentation topic will be about iPads in mathematics classrooms. The outline of the presentation is as follows:

  • Introduction to iPads and Mathematics learning computer programs
  • iPad as a new technology device in education; iPads v. laptops
  • Significance of iPads
  • Implication to teachers
  • Conclusion and further research questions

The powerpoint presentation summarizes my research paper:

iPads and Mathematics

I would invite you to watch these two youtube videos:




Discussion questions:

1) Further research would be needed to uncover more opportunities in shared and public spaces of learning in mobile devices. Please share your experience, or what do you anticipate as a teacher, regarding the followings:

a) Engagement of students in group work

b) The impact of iPads on academic achievement

c) The correlation between engagement and academic achievement


2) From your expertise or readings, what is the role of teachers in the iPad-learning environment?

a) Instructional design

b) Implications beyond teaching


Thank you,


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  1.    Gordon on July 30, 2016 5:10 pm      Reply

    I really appreciated the video example demonstrating Nearpod. What a great way to engage classroom students in learning trig ratios in an interesting real-life application. Students engaged in the visual, interactive richness afforded on the iPad, and the teacher can use Nearpod to keep kids on track and accountable. I’m sure academic achievement would be enhanced.
    Am I correct that Nearpod is not applicable to online learning?

    •    ymahmoud on August 1, 2016 4:18 am      Reply

      Hi Gordon,
      Thank you for the interest in my research paper. Nearpod is an online interactive presentation tool. Nearpod is just one solution to enhance multimedia presentations by placing the presentation directly in student’s hands, and not on a projected screen. This application allows teachers to share content with students and control the activity through the Nearpod app. Students may be asked to complete a quiz, draw diagrams or write responses, participate in real-time polls and Q&A sessions. Results from student
      responses can be shared anonymously among the mobile devices, as well as exported as Excel documents via email, for educators to measure student results on an individual and aggregate basis. Absent students provided with the presentation PIN can still take the lesson and submit answers to quizzes online.



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