Nearpod is just one solution to enhance multimedia presentations by placing the presentation directly in student’s hands, and not on a projected screen. This application allows teachers to share content with students and control the activity through the Nearpod app. Students may be asked to complete a quiz, draw diagrams or write responses, participate in real-time polls and Q&A sessions. Results from student responses can be shared anonymously among the mobile devices, as well as exported as Excel documents via email, for educators to measure student results on an individual and aggregate basis. This allows educators to assess students over course content while allowing a self-paced or real-time assessment, based on the settings of the assessment tool. Quizzes, polls, Q&As, and other multimedia interactive capabilities can be imbedded within the presentation, getting away from a traditional approach of lecture then quiz. Multiple-choice quizzes with four choices can be administered during the lesson problem. Results would be shared from the instructor to the individual student, which they then have the ability to review their answers alongside with the correct results. With immediate feedback provided to each student in class, questions and misconceptions can be addressed without hesitation, while students are engaged through direct participation of the built-in response system.

The followings summarize how I created and how I would administer my Nearpod lesson in Mathematics classroom.



The following link is a sample of Nearpod Mathematics lesson. You can preview the presentation. However, you will need to sign up for a Nearpod account and iPad devices in order to experience the interactivity of the teaching environment.

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  1.    rmba on August 15, 2016 3:42 am      Reply

    This is a very interesting project, I think this could be applied to my Physics class as well. I like your analysis of how it was created and how it will be applied, Well done Yehia.

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