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Nearpod is just one solution to enhance multimedia presentations by placing the presentation directly in student’s hands, and not on a projected screen. This application allows teachers to share content with students and control the activity through the Nearpod app. Students may be asked to complete a quiz, draw diagrams or write responses, participate in […]

Assignment 2

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The institution’s Plan Institute of applied technology (IAT) invests several resources to provide technology in classrooms for teachers and students. The technology plan is highlighted in the vision and mission of the school as well as in strategic plans. The network of schools of (IAT) have realised a remarkable jump in the use of technology […]

I will reflect on these articles through my  experience as a Mathematics teacher. I used Hitachi smart board  to retrieve online material and incorporate it in classroom activities.  Moreover, I ran iPad classroom where I created Mathematics lessons in Nearpod for iPads. These devices allowed more virtual flexibility in the instruction. Manipulation of geometric figures became […]

Hi everyone! My name is Yehia, I am in the MEd program at Thompson Rivers University and this is my first course at TRU- open learning.  I am really interested and looking forward to this course and more courses in curriculum and technology in education. My undergraduate degree is in Sciences- Pure Mathematics and I have […]