Assignment 3

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Description of students’ activities

Please see an overview of the Nearpod activity here. Students will have access to the Nearpod lesson activity using their mobile devices and a PIN provided by the teacher. Nearpod presentations allow students to access teachers’ material from their homes and study at their own pace. This web-based activity works best in flipping the classroom so that the students would remember and apply basic skills required for the next class. They can watch tutorial videos, workout exercises to check their proficiency in a applying certain learning outcomes.

After logging on the Nearpod app on their mobile devices and inserting the PIN:


  1. Students will warm up their knowledge of applying basic derivative rules on polynomial functions.
  2. Students will engage in two activities:
  3. a)    Students will expand the product of two binomials, then they would differentiate the worked out polynomial.
  4. b)   Students will find the derivative of each binomial, then they would simplify the polynomial u’v + v’u.
  5. After the two activities, students will move to the next slide, and they will be able to conclude a formula to differentiate the product of two functions.
  6. Students will watch a tutorial video about differentiating the product of functions, then they will practice applying the product rule formula in a couple of slides.
  7. The students will have access to online activities involving derivatives of functions.
  8. At the last stage of the activity, students will answer questions of a quiz and their results will be saved for comparison and analysis. Students can further their readings and practice through suggested web resources.
  9. Finally, students will have the opportunity to write a couple of sentences to give their feedback and comments.

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