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Hi everyone!

My name is Yehia, I am in the MEd program at Thompson Rivers University. This is my second course in TRU-online learning. I took EDDL 5151 in the previous semester with the great instructor Keith Webster, and it was really a valuable learning experience. I am really interested and looking forward for more courses in curriculum and technology in education.

My undergraduate degree is in Sciences- Pure Mathematics and I have a long experience in teaching Mathematics courses in different countries. I found it most appropriate to go for thesis route in Mathematics education, so that I can utilize my undergraduate education as well as my previous work experiences in my thesis.

Hobbies- I like swimming, travelling, reading and listening to music.

Yehia Mahmoud,


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  1.    Keith on September 20, 2016 5:24 am      Reply

    Hi Yehia,

    Good to see you in the course. I hope this course helps fill in some of the gaps that might have been assumed in 5151. I think you’ll find a lot of tools in this course that can be useful for teaching math.


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