Week 10 – Activities 3 & 4

What do plants need for living? from Tzveta Tchernokojeva Ivanov on Vimeo.

Activity 3

The topic is the plants and the learning objective is that students learn what plants need for living. It’s would be appropriate for your learners, grade 1-2. I selected the third activity, I edited a video. I’m going to describe the steps I followed and finally the problems I had.


  • I found a couple of videos related to my topic and I downloaded them. Here you can see the original videos: Green bean light experiment, Moistly, revival of a basil plant, and time lapse of plant after watering. I used the filter of Creative Commons to find them.
  • I used the Windows Movie Maker to make the video. I divide the videos into different sections.
  • Then, I removed the sections I didn’t like.
  • Once I had the all the sections of the videos that will be the new video, I added text to some scenes. And also titles, for the introduction, some during the video.
  • There was one video, from which I used just a few seconds, that I had to slow down its speed because the man was talking too fast. I put the speed of 0,80x.
  • I added 2 photos and put some text on them.
  • When everything was ready, I inserted some transition effects between the scenes.
  • One of the time lapse video had already audio, I removed that audio and inserted one for the two of them. I found it on this website.
  • Since the audio was longer than my video, I added the fade effect.
  • I saved the project as a video file and then upload it to Vimeo. I’m going to describe this process in the next part of the post.


  • I found really difficult to find videos with CC license. My idea was to find several videos related to the same topic and edit them in order to make one. But this difficult because I couldn’t find more than one on the same topic, so I had to change my topic several times until I find something I could use.
  • I wanted to upload the video directly to Vimeo from Windows Movie Maker. You can link the account to software. The problem I had is that my laptop is a bit old and it was taking too long to upload to the website until finally it shut down. So I had to save it as a video file and then upload the file to Vimeo. These are technical problems that could be solved with better hardware.

Activity 4

I preferred to post these two activities together because they are linked. I used the video I created to do the activity 4. I did the part of the online sharing. I chose to use Vimeo to upload my video. I’ve always used YouTube if I wanted a video to public. I have heard about it before and watched some videos, but I have never used it for this purpose.

There are 3 options for the account, you can have the basic one, which is free and the one I used. The next one is the Plus for 49,95€ a year and the other is PRO for 159€. I get the prices in euros because it detects I’m in Spain. The main limitations of Vimeo basic account are listed below:

  • You can store up to 500 Mb a week. It depends on the amount of videos you need to upload.
  • You can only upload 1 HD video a week.
  • In my opinion, this is the main limitation, after you upload your video you have to wait in line for the video conversion. In my case, I had to wait for more than an hour.
  • You can watch videos in HD, it’s standard quality.

There are more differences between the basic account and plus/pro, but these are the ones that would affect me. However Vimeo also has some key points that I liked:

  • The design of the website looks more professional and it’s neater than YouTube.
  • When you upload a video, you have the option to select people you want to give credits so can let people know who starred in or helped you make the video.
  • The Creative Commons license has more options than YouTube. You can choose between: Attribution; Attribution Share Alike; Attribution No Derivatives; Attribution Non-Commercial; Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike; Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives.
  • When you are using Windows Movie Maker, you can directly upload the video from the software. It’s very convenient.
I am going to continue using YouTube, but it’s good to know other options. For students I think would be better to use YouTube, not Vimeo. A good point to Vimeo is the CC license, it gives you more options also when you want to look for a video. And also when you upload a video, you can give credits to your classmates that helped you with the video. However, for creators of media, Vimeo would be more suitable. Although, they would need to have the Plus or Pro account to take the most of it. Vimeo is designed more for professionals. The whole layout is neater, it has less advertisements, and the videos are more serious. On YouTube you can find too many videos that are useless. Here you can read a review about why you should choose Vimeo instead of YouTube.

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  1. The difficult I had is that my PC is somewhat old and it was taking too long to even consider uploading to the site until at last, it shut down. So I needed to spare it as a video record and afterward transfer the document to Vimeo. These are specialized issues that could be explained with better equipment.

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