Tzveta’s final assignment

For the final assignment I’ve done a psychology course in Moodle and Wikispaces.

First of all, my course in Moodle, you can find it here. I decided to do it about something related to psychology because it’s easy for since I’m studying it. In the settings you have the opportunity to change the course style, it can be in weeks and in topics, I preferred to use to topics so in this way, you can clearly see the different parts of the course and what includes each part. I like this LMS since you have many different activities and resources to add. For the course I used the function of embedded videos, and I also used direct links from youtube. The problem with the embedded videos is that you have a limit of 120 mb, however from an external site it could be heavier. I’ve also submitted several readings in different format, such as pdf, powerpoint and links to another websites. Students can submit an assignment attaching a file, however I found the file size to be very small. It’s just 1mb, I wanted them to record and upload a video. So then, I have to use youtube to host the video and submit a file including this link. You cannot actually upload the video because of its size. I’ve created a group discussion related to the assignment, the discussion tool has a several options and you can do it in groups or with no groups. At the end of the course I created a quiz, which I really like, in my opinion it’s very useful and has many options. I’ve used the multiple choice, but you can create different formats for the questions. Then, you can see the results, it’s self-evaluating, and students can see the feedback immediately. After finishing everything, I backed-up the course, so I go this file: backup-moodle2-course-6-tzvetas_course-20130801-0156-nu.mbz. I can see a link to download the course, but I don’t know if it will be available for you. I downloaded it in the computer, and in this way, if you want to use it you the future for another course it’s possible. Although, I could back-up the student details because I didn’t have permission. But you have a lot of information of the students and their activity.

And the second site is Wikispaces, the course is here. I’ve sent you an invitation to your emails. I decided to do in Wikispaces because I saw Gail’s course there and I wanted to try it out. For me it was the first time using both, Moodle and Wikispaces. From this experience I think that Wikispaces is more focused on making open course available for everybody rather than a specific course for students. I found it to have less educational tools and activities, actually it just has pages and inside the pages you can add widget. However, these widgets, require external sources and websites and you may need to register in them as well. I’ve used the same content as in Moodle, but have to adapt it. I didn’t like the way the course is organized, there are pages on the write site, you cannot create like different parts or modules as in Moodle. Although, in the objectives, I’ve attached the links from the pages that are in that part, so it’s clearer. One think that I liked more here, was that you can create a page and paste the links from the reading, attach the different documents in different formats, so all the readings are together. I could upload a video because the limit was 20 mb, I have to use the links from youtube, but you have this widget and it’s very easy to use. The results are quite good because you can see all the videos on the same page and the preview as well. Another positive point is that you can leave your comment on each page. However you don’t have these discussion tools as in Moodle, and the group options. I wanted to do an assignment submitting a file, but in this site you cannot do it. So, I’ve used Google Drive, students can upload the file there and paste the link as a comment. The last thing, the quiz, since wikispaces does not have activities, you can’t create a quiz directly there. I’ve used Google Drive and the form tools and then embedded it on a page. However, it is not self-evaluative, I receive an excel with all the results and it’s anonymous, so I had to create a question asking for the name. I exported my course and have now a zip file in my computer with all the pages.

In conclusion, Moodle was more useful for me and had more educational resources and tools, it could be good to teach courses or subjects in online education. I think Wikispaces is more appropriate for open courses, but not for online courses for students as a part of their education in school or university.

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