Tzveta’s technology

I chose a technological tool from the list I used in my last course, this is Moodle. For me was the first time this kind of tools, LMS, and I found it very useful and easy to use. I think you can take a lot of profit from it because it has different kinds of resources. For example, when you want to create an activity you can choose from different templates such as quizzes, surveys, wikies, workshops, etc. There’s the possibility to upload different resources for the students to learn, such as videos, readings, graphics, audios, etc. You can manage the students and follow their progress using the tools you have on the site. Overall the tools is very useful, I didn’t find any disadvantage when I had to do a lesson. However, I haven’t used it a lot. And probably, when I have to use it, I could find some drawbacks.

Tzveta’s Introduction

Hi everybody!

My name is Tzveta, I see a few students from my previous course I took in TRU. I live in Spain, Palma de Mallorca. I’ve studied teacher education for primary school in English and I’m currently finishing my second degree in Psychology, I’m in my last year. I’m not currently teaching, I taught in the past for 3-4 months in different state schools from the ages of 3 till 12. And I taught English and others subjects.

I’ve been to Vancouver about 5 years ago and I loved it. I like the culture, environment, lifestyle, everything and it’s so different from here. I’m planning to move there hopefully in less than a year. I decided to study this certificate to specialise my degree in education, and because it’s online I can do it before going to Canada.

The first course I did was on WordPress and I found it interesting, and learnt many things from the course and from my mates. It’s good we can share our opinions and experiences.

The same as Keith, I love skiing, the nature, hiking and this is one of the reasons why I’d like to move there. It’s a perfect environment to do so.

Keith, I don’t know if I posted this correctly, I selected EDDL 5101 in categories. My email is tzveta_86 at hotmail dot com.


Week 1 – Introduction


Hi everybody! My name is Tzveta, I’m from Spain, Palma de Mallorca. I’m a teacher of primary school, although I’ve just taught for a several months. One year after I finished my teacher’s degree I started my second degree in psychology, which I’m currently finishing it.

After I finished studying for a teacher I got a grant to study English for 3 months and I choose Vancouver. I went there in 2009, I really liked it and I wanted to go again. In the picture below I’m in Vancouver 4 years ago. In summer 2010 I went again to Toronto to study English as well. After coming back to Spain I wanted to return some day.

I’m really excited about this course because is the first one in TRU. I have experience studying online because my degree in psychology is online, however I don’t think it’s going to be the same. This couse seems to be much more interactive and interesting.

You can reach me: tzveta_86(at)hotmail(dot)com