Assignment — Media Exemplar Collection

You can visit the website here. I designed a unit of 4 lessons about global warming for grade 7. I used this topic because we have been working on the group assignment from EDDL5141. I included a piece of audio that is the introduction of the unit, a presentation using graphics and a video.

I introduced the unit using a piece of audio which I recorded. I gave an outline of what the unit is going to be. I added some background music to the audio, which has a lower volume than the speech. The voice principle says to use human speech rather than machine speech.

I used a collection of graphics to show students what they can do at home in order to stop the global warming. I took pictures and then added some text to explain them. Students get the information from 2 different channels. It makes it easier to remember and it is more understandable. The multimedia principle says that it is better to present words and pictures rather than words alone (Halpern et al., 2007; Mayer, 2005; Pashler et al., 2007). This principle fosters generative processing, which makes students build connections between words and pictures. Another principle that fosters generative processing is the personalization, so words are in conversational style (Mayer, 2005). It is easier to understand, it is written using the second person, directed to the students.  The text I added is based on the principles that reduce extraneous processing. Coherence principle (Halpern et al., 2007; Mayer, 2005), I just added necessary words to understand the picture. The signaling principle (Mayer, 2005) is used so students can focus on the key words and buy changing the color of these words they know it is more important. And the expectation principle (Halpen et al., 2007) was used before they started with the presentation; they knew the questions they would have to answer after watching it.

I produced a video in order to teach students the actions they can do in their city in order to stop the global warming. I recorded several videos, then edited them and made one piece. It is just an example, because I think I could have included more actions, but I did not have the opportunity to record them. When the students watch the video they can remember better the information and they also pay more attention than if it was just text. In this video we can also see the principles of multimedia (Halpern et al., 2007; Mayer, 2005; Pashler et al., 2007) and personalization (Mayer, 2005), which foster generative processing. And also the text was designed following the principles of coherence (Halpern et al., 2007; Mayer, 2005) and signaling (Mayer, 2005).

Students are required to produce an assignment which includes graphics. They have to select pictures that represent the key concepts of their unit. They have to provide a description as well, but it does not have to be very long. They need to find an appropriate picture so they do not require too many words to express what they want to say. Therefore, they have to be concise and clear.

All the lessons are important for their assessment. Students can see exactly what they have to do at each lesson and the objectives they have to accomplish. They have rubrics in 3 out of the 4 lessons. In the last assignment, they have to include what they have learned during the rest of the unit. In each lesson, they have to use the knowledge learned from the previous ones. In this way, learning is more meaningful since they are putting into practice what they have just acquired.


Mayer, R. E. (2014). Multimedia Instruction. Handbook of research on educational communications and technology (3rd ed., pp. 385-399). New York: Springer Science.

114 thoughts on “Assignment — Media Exemplar Collection

  1. Hi Tzveta
    It’s good that you used the same topic for your MME as for the facilitation activity. I loved the video which you’ve created. It sends a direct message to students that every little thing they do matters in helping the environment. Lesson 4 incorporates student activity which is quite productive. I like its rubric too.

  2. It was a good topic, students have to be aware of the global warming and they have to be responsible for it too.

  3. Hi Tzveta

    Hope that you are settling in to your new digs in Vancouver. You site is very impressive to just look at – I love hummingbirds – and the content of your lessons is equally so. It is a very important topic to tackle, esp. in view of the latest international report.
    Best wishes for your future in Canada.

  4. Hi!
    Michael, the hummingbirds where with the theme I chose for the website :p. I’m now a bit more settled 🙂
    Corey, the music actually was difficult to select for me because there are thousands of songs… and I wrote background music and I listened to a few of them and picked up one that was the most suitable.

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