I combined the audio activities here into one post. The audio was created by my son and I using Audacity. I’ve included the original recording and then the edited version. My wife and I are trying to teach our son Russian so you’ll hear some of that in the original. He mixes some English/Russian at the end as well.

Learning Objective – Listen to some audio of someone learning their ABCs and spot their mistakes.

Original Recording embedded into post:


Edited to include just the ABC part. Embedded into post.


Link to audio that opens in its own tab. It will start to play on it’s own and has a button that allows the listener to download. Click Here to Open in a New Tab


Audio linked to an attachment page. Click Here to Go to the Attachment Page

2 Comments on Week 5/6 – Audio Activities

  1. keith webster says:

    Some pretty well recorded audio and a good example of editing. It sounds like you’ve got a reasonably good microphone on your laptop (or perhaps a headset). As you probably found with this example it can be difficult to make a clean break in a recording if you don’t have pauses in the audio. I try to ensure faculty make pauses about where paragraph breaks would be in a text. It helps later when we need to drop some bit or add something in.


  2. Nic says:

    So cute Sasha. I had no idea that there was such a strong Russian community in Vernon. Well done with regards to fostering this for your son! It is so neat to watch children grow and develop and quite the privilege as a teacher to influence them the way we do. As parents it’s probably the biggest job we’ll ever have. I had no idea how hard it was going to be before I had kids. Wow. Worth it though. I hope I get to meet you wee one soon. Perfect idea for an audio archive!

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