Purpose – to create a graphic that simply shows the stages of cell division. Most likely as an introduction to cell division.

Type of Graphic – Representative graphic and Interpeitive graphic.

Analyze the content for the graphic – The content in this case talks about what is happening throughout the stages of cell division and this graphic is to help visualize the process.

Create the graphic guided by:

  • Principles
    • Selection – I selected the images showing the most important stages. Created some text explaining what is happening at some of the stages.
    • Organization – I organized the images in logical order and in a vertical fashion. By keeping it vertical I was hoping to prevent any distortions that may occur when posting to my blog.
    • Integration –  I then integrated the text with the images by placing them where they describe the image most effectively.
  • Actions – Images and text were place on a white background for easiest viewing. Images were aligned vertically. I wanted to align the text all to the left margin but then I though they would be better placed closer to the image they represent in order to prevent confusion.
  • Tools – I did a Google search to find my images making sure they were labelled for reuse with modification. Then I played around with Inkscape and Gimp to see if I could manipulate the graphic. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which program to use. Inkscape was not suitable for manipulating my graphic and I found Gimp too complicated to do the simple things I wanted to do, so I used Paint to put together my graphic. I choose a font that I though stands out but wasn’t too large to take away from the image.

Evaluate for effectiveness – This will be done in a reply post.





2 Comments on Week 3 – Activity 2 – Create and Comment on Educational Graphics

  1. keith webster says:

    This looks like an effective learning graphic. I’d be careful, when you have to use less complex graphics tools, that you try to work at close to your end-use size. The font doesn’t display evenly, which could be a problem of the font itself, or the image being used at a slightly different resolution than it was created at. Often, PowerPoint is a good ‘simple/quick’ tool for working with an image. The output is usually pretty good.


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