Lately I’ve been thinking about finding a better introduction picture to use in my courses. I wanted to find one that shows some of the things I hold dear to me. This picture is at one of my favourite beaches, with my dog, sporting Canucks gear and holing a Timmy’s coffee.

My original picture was at a high resolution and was too large to work with. When I pasted it into WordPress and previewed it, it became distorted. So I used a scaled down picture to work with instead. With my WordPress theme I look a little thinner than I should, but I guess I can live with that. 🙂 The two cropped pictures should come come up as the proper size. I’m leaning towards the one with just me. I’m interested in which picture you guys like better. With dog or without? I used SumoPaint to do this.

Also, I initially misunderstood boundaries in the activity to mean to put a border on the image. I couldn’t figure out how to do this in SumoPaint. Does anyone have any suggestions?




I’ve included this picture of just my dog cropped for the original photo so you can see him in all his glory doing what he loves best. You can also get an Idea of how big the original image would have been to work with.



4 Comments on Week 3 – Activity 1

  1. Nicole Stewart says:

    Love your pictures Sasha. Complete with the Tim Horton’s and all! Looks like you are down on Juniper Bay – Kal Lake? I prefer the image with your pooch and actually like the uncropped picture best of all because it shows the mountains in the background. Did you find it challenging to do? I’m thinking it was pretty straight forward for you. What’s your dog’s name? I had a black lab who used to love to fetch and swim in that lake whenever he could. Kona loves it too – she looks like a drowned rat though when wet! Funny!

  2. Keith says:

    Hi Sasha,

    I think all the versions look good. I would keep different sizes around to use as appropriate. For a border I would always add it after in the post. If your editor doesn’t let you add an image border you can add style=”border:1pc solid black;”

  3. Keith says:

    Hi Sasha,

    Just looked again at your large picture above, you get slimmed a little because the width of the picture exceeds the body width of your blog theme. In some themes WordPress would let your photo spill over to the left but this one just squished you instead.


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