Hello everyone. Here’s a link to my editing text post. I started out trying to to format directly in WordPress, but I found the text editor to be lacking many standard features I’m used to using when creating and editing pages. So I did my formatting in a Google Doc, saved it as a html page, copied the code, and then pasted it into WordPress. Here’s a link to my Google Doc to see what I should actually look like. I had to publish my post immediately after pasting the html code into WordPress, otherwise I lost my callout formatting after I clicked on the Visual tab to see what the pasted html code looked like. Because I couldn’t do that visual check before Publishing, it would explain why there are some spacing issues in my post.

This was a valuable learning process for me because I wanted to find an easy way do import already created and formatted docs. I wanted to avoid trying to learn html because it scares me when I look at the coding that’s involved.  But after going through this whole process I’m thinking that learning how to create callout boxes in html would be that easiest and least error prone method of doing so. Time to meet my fears head-on.

Hello html!


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  1. Nic says:

    Hi Sasha! Your product looks great! To synthesize what you did I’m going to retell it in “my own” words and then maybe you can correct me if I got it wrong. You started with WordPress but the LMS didn’t have enough features to do what you wanted, so you switched back into Google docs and created the report – with beautifully highlighted call-out boxes. When you tried to copy and paste back into WordPress you weren’t able, so you saved the document as html, copied and pasted it into WordPress and then had to publish immediately – without the opportunity to preview what you were posting. Did I get this right? I think I need to fool around with doing call-out boxes in Google docs. If you have a minute some time this week can you swing by my cubby and we can play with it? Professional looking document I must say! Thanks for sharing the process. Html scares me too.

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