The piece of media that I found to analyze comes from Annenberg Learner, who produces interactives for teachers and professional development. The specific piece that I looked at was an interactive called “Dynamic Earth”, which covers a lesson on the earth’s structure, plate tectonics, plates and boundaries.

Here are a few links that take you to some specific pages that show excellent media:


Here’s a quick breakdown of my analysis:

  1. A list of the media used in the resource – what are the components?
    • Text
    • Graphics
    • Interactive graphics that display different information and do different things when you roll the mouse over them
    • Interactive challenges that test what’s being learned
    • Online test
  2. What educational context could the media resource be used in?
    • A regular high school setting or online class teaching the content that it covers
    • Used as a review or for an additional resource
  3. Note anything in the media resource that would limit the context that it could be used in.
    • It’s very specific to learning about that particular science topic and wouldn’t be useful in other subject areas.
    • It’s an online resource and therefore needs to be used where there’s access to a device and WiFi.
  4. Describe what makes the media resource pedagogically sound.
    • Accurate information
    • Engaging
    • Visually pleasing
    • multimedia used is linked to text in the lesson
  5. Describe the kind of software that is required to produce the media example you have chosen.
    • Software to produce Adobe Flash files
    • Website developing software
    • Graphic editing software
    • Perhaps others I can’t think of
  6. Describe the hardware items, beyond a multimedia capable computer, that are required to produce the resource.
    • Camera
    • Scanner
  7. Describe the skills needed to produce the resource.
    • A science background.
    • Able to produce Adobe Flash files
    • Proficient using graphic editing and website developing software.
    • An eye for web design.
  8. Other Notes
    • Created by a reputable source.
    • Free to use in K-12 education.
    • Not Bias
    • Current information
    • Must be able to read and understand English
    • Engaging and Interactive

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