EDDL 5151

aprohoroff on November 30, 2016

Hello everyone. I just realized that I only posted my assignment to Moodle and not to my blog. It’s a continuation from the previous assignment where we put together a lesson on plagiarism. I ended up building the lesson in Weebly.  Please take a look at it if you want and feel free to use […]

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aprohoroff on August 11, 2016

For my final project I decided to mount a course unit in a LMS and an alternate online resource. I decided to use Moodle and Weebly. I’ve had some experience with Moodle, but Weebly was entirely new to me so that part of the assignment took a lot more learning and planning. Mounting the unit […]

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aprohoroff on June 28, 2016

How could I be better supported? I think time is the limiting factor for me. Learning to use different technologies effectively and deciding if they support learning objectives takes time. The few Pro-D day’s that we get usually just scratch the surface of a new idea. Therefore I find that most of the learning has […]

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aprohoroff on June 28, 2016

I really enjoyed the ideas that Lisa had in the various subject areas about spicing up traditional assignments. I don’t think that it is always practical in a classroom setting and in the time-frame imposed on us by our schedules to publish a majority our students work. What really stood out at me was the […]

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aprohoroff on May 30, 2016

Motto: My goal during my next teaching year is to learn about and use online tools that I’ve never heard of or have rarely used. I would like to become proficient in two technologies that my school district is using. Objectives: Create a list and learn how to use online tools that are successfully used […]

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aprohoroff on May 30, 2016

My school district does have a technology plan that was finalized at the end of February, 2016. The process of creating one started at the end of October, 2015. I couldn’t find it on the publicly accessible website, but I found it in the employee section that requires a login and password (known as the […]

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aprohoroff on May 30, 2016

Margaret King-Sears article (2009) on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) definitely opened me up to a different side of UDL. I too was one of those educators who figured that UDL dealt strictly with technology. I never thought about how important it is for people with disabilities. I found all of the seven guiding principles […]

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aprohoroff on May 15, 2016

Hello everyone. My name is Sasha and I’m very excited to be taking this course with all of you. I was born and raised in Vernon, BC (part of the beautiful Okanagan valley). I have made Vernon my home and have spent most of my 14 year teaching career there. Two of those 14 years were in […]

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