EDDL 5101

aprohoroff on November 4, 2016

Plagiarism Lesson Plan – Mr. P. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Objectives: This lesson plan is designed for creating an online lesson about plagiarism and is to be delivered in a DL setting. Students will work individually on this lesson and at their own pace. Ideally, I would use this lesson at the beginning of the year so that […]

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  Hello everyone. Here is the evaluation of our media tool (YouTube). Please read our evaluation and comment on anything you would like. We’ve got a few questions to get things going. We also posted the questions into individual replies so the conversation can be semi-organized. How often do you use YouTube in your classes? On […]

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aprohoroff on October 17, 2016

I know this post is a bit late but I feel that it’s appropriate for me to talk about my experience with social bookmarking now. When we first covered this in this course it was completely new to me. I’ve always wanted a way to easily have my bookmarks follow me. Being a TOC for […]

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aprohoroff on October 15, 2016

  For this assignment on evaluating online resources, I choose to use the criteria that was given to us in class plus I added few extra areas. I broke the categories down a bit further into a series of questions which I got from a University of Maryland web page. I would also like to note […]

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aprohoroff on September 26, 2016

An assignment I came across while doing some TOC work was this. The students were asked to find a site about a photographer they like which includes their online portfolio. They were to describe why they choose that photographer and picked 5 photos to share with the rest of the class. They had to tell us what they liked about […]

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aprohoroff on September 26, 2016

The most recent piece of educational technology that I’ve immersed myself in is Moodle. It’s the Learning Management System (LMS) that our school district uses for our online school. Using it without any experience can be a very daunting task so the first resource I turned to was a course in how to use it. […]

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aprohoroff on September 26, 2016

While it’s difficult for me to comment on the state of technology use in my field in BC, I can comment on what I’ve seen in my school district. We have come a long way in my mind. About 3 years a go our district did a a massive technology overhaul with the hopes of […]

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aprohoroff on September 25, 2016

I’ve always known what RSS feeds were but I’ve never used them before. I would just go to web pages and get my news like that. I do subscribe to podcasts, but they’re not quite the same. I was going to use Feedly as my reader because it works on desktop computers, iOS and Android, […]

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aprohoroff on September 19, 2016

Hello everyone. My name is Sasha and I’m very excited to be taking this course with all of you. I was born and raised in Vernon, BC (part of the beautiful Okanagan valley). I have made Vernon my home and have spent most of my 15 year teaching career there. Two of those 14 years were in […]

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