EDDL 5131

For my media exemplar, I decided to redo the lesson I did on Digital Health & Wellness for Assignment 1. Part of learning and getting better at something is using feedback to refine your work. I took feedback from Keith, as well as some of my own critiques I had with my initial design and refined […]

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The multimedia enhanced student activity I created is designed for my Digital Literacy 8 course. It didn’t have any sort of introductory activity to help students get to know one another or the teacher (me). I believe that it’s important to have these sorts of activities built into a course early on in order to […]

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aprohoroff on March 20, 2017

This year I started teaching a Digital Literacy course. It covers many useful topics but the course was setup to be mainly text based (yawn). One of my goals is to use what I’m learning in the EDDL program to make my courses more engaging. So I took a lesson on Digital Health and Wellness […]

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aprohoroff on February 20, 2017

I combined the audio activities here into one post. The audio was created by my son and I using Audacity. I’ve included the original recording and then the edited version. My wife and I are trying to teach our son Russian so you’ll hear some of that in the original. He mixes some English/Russian at […]

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For this activity I used an image I already had uploaded to WordPress. I added it to my blog and then edited the image. In there there’s a feature to change the size of your image to a thumbnail (150 x 150 pixels). If I didn’t see that feature I would have edited my image […]

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aprohoroff on February 20, 2017

For this activity I wanted to create an educational graphic using layers that did something like Rick did with the mouse over feature. I really like that feature and I think it can be used for many applications within a lesson. After spending a lot of time trying to do this and failing, I’ve thrown in […]

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Purpose – to create a graphic that simply shows the stages of cell division. Most likely as an introduction to cell division. Type of Graphic – Representative graphic and Interpeitive graphic. Analyze the content for the graphic – The content in this case talks about what is happening throughout the stages of cell division and […]

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aprohoroff on February 13, 2017

Lately I’ve been thinking about finding a better introduction picture to use in my courses. I wanted to find one that shows some of the things I hold dear to me. This picture is at one of my favourite beaches, with my dog, sporting Canucks gear and holing a Timmy’s coffee. My original picture was […]

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aprohoroff on January 29, 2017

The piece of media that I found to analyze comes from Annenberg Learner, who produces interactives for teachers and professional development. The specific piece that I looked at was an interactive called “Dynamic Earth”, which covers a lesson on the earth’s structure, plate tectonics, plates and boundaries. Here are a few links that take you to […]

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aprohoroff on January 29, 2017

Hello everyone. Here’s a link to my editing text post. I started out trying to to format directly in WordPress, but I found the text editor to be lacking many standard features I’m used to using when creating and editing pages. So I did my formatting in a Google Doc, saved it as a html […]

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