aprohoroff on February 20, 2017

I combined the audio activities here into one post. The audio was created by my son and I using Audacity. I’ve included the original recording and then the edited version. My wife and I are trying to teach our son Russian so you’ll hear some of that in the original. He mixes some English/Russian at […]

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For this activity I used an image I already had uploaded to WordPress. I added it to my blog and then edited the image. In there there’s a feature to change the size of your image to a thumbnail (150 x 150 pixels). If I didn’t see that feature I would have edited my image […]

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aprohoroff on February 20, 2017

For this activity I wanted to create an educational graphic using layers that did something like Rick did with the mouse over feature. I really like that feature and I think it can be used for many applications within a lesson. After spending a lot of time trying to do this and failing, I’ve thrown in […]

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Purpose – to create a graphic that simply shows the stages of cell division. Most likely as an introduction to cell division. Type of Graphic – Representative graphic and Interpeitive graphic. Analyze the content for the graphic – The content in this case talks about what is happening throughout the stages of cell division and […]

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aprohoroff on February 13, 2017

Lately I’ve been thinking about finding a better introduction picture to use in my courses. I wanted to find one that shows some of the things I hold dear to me. This picture is at one of my favourite beaches, with my dog, sporting Canucks gear and holing a Timmy’s coffee. My original picture was […]

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