aprohoroff on January 29, 2017

The piece of media that I found to analyze comes from Annenberg Learner, who produces interactives for teachers and professional development. The specific piece that I looked at was an interactive called “Dynamic Earth”, which covers a lesson on the earth’s structure, plate tectonics, plates and boundaries. Here are a few links that take you to […]

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aprohoroff on January 29, 2017

Hello everyone. Here’s a link to my editing text post. I started out trying to to format directly in WordPress, but I found the text editor to be lacking many standard features I’m used to using when creating and editing pages. So I did my formatting in a Google Doc, saved it as a html […]

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Design Choices Selected relevant information, Organized information into a coherent structure Choose ‘Verdana’ as the typeface. Rated one of the most legible fonts. Font size choice of 9pt and larger. High contrast between font color and background. Used different header sizes to show titles and categories. Used a bulleted list for examples. Used callouts to […]

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aprohoroff on January 22, 2017

Intro Video Hello everyone. Sorry for the late introduction. I’ve done text/picture intro’s before so I thought I’d try using one of the tools that Keith recommended to us in this course, VoiceThread. I did this in one take while sitting on my bed (it was the quietest place in my house at the time). I […]

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