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February 24, 2015

what I know, want to know, learned

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What I Know What I Want To Know What I Learned
  • important to make the students feel welcome in their learning environment
  • self-introduction/discussion of objectives so the students feel they are working with the teacher/facilitator and their peers
Salmon-5-Stage Model

  • good organization of stages of learning and collaboration
  • challenging to encourage to collaborate-still some engagement vs dis-engagement issues
  • focus should be on student learning and collaborative learning

  • Pedagogical, social, managerial, technical
  • Different emphasis-focus on role of the e-moderator rather than the students/learner
Feenberg and Xin-Facilitation
  • Sometimes face-face learning ends up with cliques
  • Can avoid this with online learning
  • Little detail to further the  notion of facilitation
  • Perhaps too small a focus?
 Congenial  atmosphere for discussions

  • Often recap discussion points
Anderson et al- Assessing “teacher presence”
  • Can be challenging to “be present” in discussions
  • Can find unifying threads but needs to be elaborated upon
  • Find threads of unity
  • How to focus the discussion when learners go “off-track”- does it lead to deeper learning when this occurs?
  • Modeling behaviour-leads discussion-provides prompts to focus discussion
  • Some learners do not participate or only when specifically asked (easy in f-f but challenging in online setting
Need to try to draw out some learners who have difficulty expressing thoughts and views
  • Recognition of participants and comments
  • “guide on the side”-learner is the focus
  • Facilitators “guide self-directed learning in a problem-centred environment”
  • Works well with case study approach
  • Facilitator helps group focus on information and where to get it
  • Learners with life experience do this more easily
  • How to do this with younger adult students/learners who have little life experience
  • Help learner connect with prior knowledge
  • Focus on learner rather than technology
  • Collaborative learning-team assignments
  • Risk that online learning can be depersonalized
  • High level of interaction by students and teacher-learner spends ++ time on coursework

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  1.   Michelle — March 6, 2015 @ 4:31 am    Reply

    Hi Susan,

    I really liked how your organized the different models in the “what I have learned” – there is definitely overlap, but also great to see the unique elements of each. I like the Community of Inquiry model (from Anderson et al.), but seeing in your chart, it is very focused on presence in discussion forums. One thing I struggle with in using the blogs is that the discussion seems to be more “distributed” and less in one space – so there seems to be a bit more distance. One element you highlight is the need to find unifying threads – any ideas for trying to build on this in your own approaches?

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