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February 16, 2015

the media/picture I used

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The media I used was from Our students do personal care for seniors so I picked something that would work for that context. The images are from Google images. The potential problem could be with images that are copyrighted.  The images I looked at were from the category where they are open and can be altered as necessary. I know this limits some of the choices but this is something with which I feel comfortable in the given time frame. (I’m already very late in posting).

I believe this is pedagogically sound as ours is a visual/kinesthetic type of learner so a picture such as I have chosen is certainly a plain example of what they would do.

shower-trolleyI tried to use html to insert this picture but it was not working. I haven’t figure out yet how to do it……frustration.

Shower trolley

SVG<a href=”″><img src=”” /></a>


  1.   Jo Medley — February 19, 2015 @ 4:09 am    Reply

    I’ve used clipart for small, pretty much universally recognized images; but, I have on occasion run into sizing problems or unavailable images that show up as options.
    Given what I would think is a necessity for demos with your work, images over text would be the way to go with presentations.

  2.   Keith — February 22, 2015 @ 7:26 pm    Reply

    Hi Sue,

    You’ve done a good job linking your thumbnail to the larger image. I think the thing that is stopping you with the HTML version is that you need to be using the ‘Text’ tab in the editor (default is likely the ‘Visual’ tab).

    The clipart is offered in SVG format which means it is scalable but I would recommend checking that all your students can access the image as this isn’t a format that is common on the web (or you can make copies in .gif format using Inkscape).


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