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May 16, 2015

beginning a new course EDDL 5151

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Hi all,

I recognize a few names and appreciate the comments/feedback and help I’ve gotten in the past. I am looking forward to this course and interacting with you all too.

I teach adults at a university in healthcare so most of my approach is from that viewpoint.If you want to contact me my e-mail is:

Talk soon.

April 7, 2015

all my blogs show up through 5141

Sorry folks,

All my blogs appear at 5141. Go to my blog to be redirected.


All my posts go to 5141

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Hello all,

All my blogs seem to go to the other course I am taking 5141 as well.

I apologize but as I’ve lost my blog altogether twice-I don’t want to push my luck


April 3, 2015

Final word on games for learning

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Kloper (2008) states “games not only can motivate students and provide a rich learning environment.” Use of learning games and simulations increased interest, engagement and attendance in face-to-face learning. Kloper also states “handheld games afford great potential for learning” and “handhelds are not the silver bullet to save education.”

Kolb states she found both pros and cons for using games in the classroom. She recommends using gamification software programs designed for tracking progress, awarding points and so on. This created quite a change. The majority of her students accomplished a lot and their focus changed from ‘what do I need to do to get an A?” to engagement with the information because they could choose their own quest. The negative aspect was that some found they had too many choices and floundered a bit before they found their goal.

In his book on games and education Felicia (2001) states video and computer games have been used for quite a while. There is a new train of thought that affective or emotional learning can be accomplished as well with this arrangement. This would be useful in the health care field as the focus becomes one of a person-centred approach to care instead of a task oriented approach.


Felecia, P. (2011). Handbook of research on improving learning and motivation through educational games:Mutidisciplinary approach. Hershey, PA, USA.

Klopfer, E. (2008, May). Augmented learning: Reseach and design of mobile educational games. Cambridge, MA., USA.

Kolb, E. (2011). Epic fail or win? Gamifying learning in my classroom. USA.

April 1, 2015

All my blogs seem to go to 5141

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Hello all,

All my blogs seem to go to the other course I am taking 5141 as well.

I apologize but as I’ve lost my blog altogther twice-I don’t want to push my luck


Assignment 2-Student Project

Student project development for Assignment 2


Grading:    This is worth 30% of your final mark


EDDL 5131 Group Safety Assignment


Students will work in groups of no more than 5 and will open the web site for LTC which the instructor will provide. Working in small groups, they will develop a multimedia presentation to teach the rest of the class about a particular safety topic related to seniors living at home. All the necessary information is present on the Long Term Care (LTC) website. You will need to inform the instructor about which topic you pick.

The topics include:

  • safety in the kitchen
  • fire safety in the home
  • fall prevention in the home
  • preventing home support worker injuries
  • hoarding and clutter

Each group will present their topic to the rest of the class by way of a multimedia presentation. A marking guide will be provided for reference.


Purposes of the presentation:

  • Learning to assess safety in the home for seniors while working as a Home Support Worker.
  • Learning to create a multimedia display to impart to fellow students an explanation of safety concerns on your chosen topic


Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate problem-solving and critical thinking skills in a multimedia presentation to a simulated home situation


  • Exhibit knowledge of safety issues for seniors in their home


Required Elements to Receive Full Marks

  1. Multimedia display including two from: text, image, sound or video.
  2. Examples of application to Home Support
  3. Demonstration of teamwork in achieving the final presentation including a review by your peers.

This website was created by Cornell University to explore the environment most seniors find themselves in if they are living in a two-story home. The challenges they face in this situation are common.

Marking Guide:


Expected criteria

Unacceptable criteria

Total Marks = 30Covers the Topic

  • Gives specific examples for home support application
  • Clarifies concerns about variations in home area
  • Does not stay on topic
  • No examples for home support
  • No clarification of concerns about variations in home area


5 marks

ontains the required elements (see above)

  • Comprehensive multimedia display
  • Easily understood

  • Does not contain a comprehensive multimedia display
  • Difficult to understand


10 marks


Creativity and accuracy

  • Uses a game or quiz to enhance learning
  • Encourages class involvement and online participation
  • Class is bored
  • No class participation


10 marks


Teamwork- Shared the workload

  • Each person creates part of the presentation
  • (assessed by peers at the end of the presentation)
  • One person dominates the presentation.

Information is repeated







Sleep Disorders

This is a youtube video I made about sleep disorders.

multimedia-Heart Attack vs A Cardiac Arrest

[youtube] [/youtube]

March 30, 2015

vital signs

This is about whether using games enhances adult learning.

March 29, 2015

cyberbullying assignment 1

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I too think the cartoon speaks volumes about what people are willing to say and do when they think they can get away with it anonymously. It is amazing to me that people would deliberately be so unkind and threatening.
I had a occurrence this past year where a student critiqued not only my teaching but also took personal shots. “You’re a terrible teacher.” “quit teaching, you’re not good at it” and so on. Those are the clean ones. I also found the same comments on “rate my teacher”-very disheartening. I know who said it because I didn’t hand out perfect marks on assignments but that doesn’t mean the sting is removed. I can certainly see that a child/young person who may not have a good sense of themselves, could become overwhelmed by negative comments over which they have no control.

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