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April 30, 2015

Media Exemplar Collection

I changed the presentation somewhat. I did not understand exactly what I was supposed to do and now I believe I do. I have added some more audio and included some of the videos I made before. I hope that is appropriate. It is linked below.  

April 29, 2015

EDDL 5131Assignment 1 Creating a Multimedia Enhanced Lesson

My reasoning with creating this lesson was to use the information my adult learners already have from life experience and one semester in theory and practicum experience in hospital settings to encourage them to be creative in presenting information to their peers and change their approach in caregiving from a hospital-focus to a homecare focus. […]

April 7, 2015

all my blogs show up through 5141

Sorry folks, All my blogs appear at 5141. Go to my blog to be redirected. Sue

Media Exemplar

Your site is now published and will be live online in a few seconds at:

All my posts go to 5141

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Hello all, All my blogs seem to go to the other course I am taking 5141 as well. I apologize but as I’ve lost my blog altogether twice-I don’t want to push my luck Sue

Reflections on 5141

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Reflections on 5141 I found the posting for 5141 from my fellow learners to be instructive and make me think more about how I approach my own face-to-face teaching. I have been lecturing more than encouraging the students to create their own experiences. I struggle with whether they can cover the information well enough to […]

April 3, 2015

Final word on games for learning

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Kloper (2008) states “games not only can motivate students and provide a rich learning environment.” Use of learning games and simulations increased interest, engagement and attendance in face-to-face learning. Kloper also states “handheld games afford great potential for learning” and “handhelds are not the silver bullet to save education.” Kolb states she found both pros […]

April 1, 2015

All my blogs seem to go to 5141

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Hello all, All my blogs seem to go to the other course I am taking 5141 as well. I apologize but as I’ve lost my blog altogther twice-I don’t want to push my luck Sue

Assignment 2-Student Project

Student project development for Assignment 2   Grading:    This is worth 30% of your final mark   EDDL 5131 Group Safety Assignment Instructions: Students will work in groups of no more than 5 and will open the web site for LTC which the instructor will provide. Working in small groups, they will develop a multimedia presentation […]

Sleep Disorders

This is a youtube video I made about sleep disorders.

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