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December 11, 2012

Week 12 Reflection

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Week 12 Reflection This has been an interesting course in EDDL program. We have learned what distributed learning is; how to do it; and various techniques and websites to help along the way. I still have some mixed feelings about when to use online assessments but, typically,, I need to mull it over a bit […]

Online Assessment

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Online Assessment I think there is a good place for online assessment. Traditionally, in the classroom, the instructor has been responsible for assessing the progress the student has made over the course of the program. Is this an authentic assessment? The instructor can see what happens in the classroom, or in our case, in the […]

December 3, 2012

Authentic Assessment

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Authentic Assessment   Authentic assessment involves formative as well as summative assessment. I find some student can memorize information in order to write an exam but then the learning is essentially gone. They have memorized the words but have not integrated them into their actual permanent learning. According to Krathwohl, D. R., Bloom, B. S., […]

Assignment 4 assessment

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I have added my 4th assignment here, the assessment of the nutrition unit I will use for teaching. I have written it as thought it will be presented as a hybrid course. In essence it is. We use Moodle to encourage students/learners to look into information about nutrition for seniors in facilities or receiving home […]

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