Here again is the link to the 8 day program that I have created as an introductory course for year-long programs.


I have created both live-action video and screen-casting within this program to deliver specific lessons.
For the live-action videos, I used old footage of students in the field with a voice over approach to highlight the teaching goals, using both my voice and the voice of another instructor. The picture editing program I used was Sony Vegas Pro, and the sound program was Sound Forge Pro, using both boom and lapel mikes. I used several cameras over the years but mostly HD.
Examples of these videos are: day 1- hazards, day 4- painting, day 5- tracking.

For the screen-cast, I prepared two tutorials- found on the ‘getting started page’- which walk the students through setting up a blog account and how to navigate, as well as teaching them how to add text, images and video.

The steps I used to produce the screen-casting was first of all, to research on youtube, other videos explaining the same processes, and then to adapt the different elements to the needs of my students. The program I used to produce the screen-cast was screencast-o-aumatic.com.
I found overall, especially going through the process twice, and especially since the whole lesson had to happen in one take, that it was much easier to work out everything I needed to say in advance and then work from a script. This was a little bit challenging with the co-ordination of the mouse but resulted in a better screen-cast overall.
I had originally planned on using the explain-everything program but the learning curve was too great for me, so although I plan on attempting it again in the future, I opted, at this time for a simpler version of the screencast-o-aumatic.com program.

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