IMG_1437My name is Tashmyra. I have been teaching for the past 12 years. At present I am living in Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island, teaching a one day a week outdoor program for homeschoolers from ages 7-11 and a 3 day a week program for teens. I have been running these programs for the past 10 yrs and am now looking to put together a BC certified equivalency program for high-school graduation. The programs I run close for a few months in the winter and I often head south to Mexico, Belize or Ecuador where I have been arranging exchange programs for teen and family groups, so putting together an on-line curriculum for my students over the break would be a perfect addition.
Previous to the programs I run now, I taught ESL; in China at a kindergarten, working with the 7 intelligences model, and a couple of years teaching middle school in Thailand in an English Immersion program, teaching science, socials, and health science through ESL. I also spent several years arranging exchange programs for Thai and Canadian school groups.

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  1. Hi Tashmyra,

    Thanks for the great introduction – it sounds like you have a wonderful teaching and learning space on the island. It will be interesting to see you think through what aspects of your current curriculum will be best suited to the online environment and what types of activities that you can get your learners involved with, both on and offline, in preparation for transitioning to your “outdoor” learning spaces. Are you joining us from somewhere far away or closer to home in BC?

  2. Hey Tashmyra
    Great introduction. I really enjoyed the video. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your ESL experience.
    Welcome to the course.

  3. Hi Tashmyra,
    It was great to see you have also been in China. Too bad your husband didn’t like it It is a difficult place to get used to but once you do, it’s pretty great. I was ready to leave after 6 months, but my contract was for 9 and so I stayed. Those extra three months changed everything. My first desire was to go to South America and I am still thinking about it. How are you finding Ecuador? You are certainly a well-travelled teacher! Glad to meet you.

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