My name is Tashmyra. Some of you know me from last semester when I was in the Amazon in Ecuador. Since then, I have been back in BC where I have been running my own outdoor experiential programs for homeschooled kids for the past 12 years.

For most of this semester I will be in Houston, Texas studying at a Montessori teacher training program. My vision is to redesign the middle school program that I am presently running along Montessori principals with an online homestudy component and to design a highschool homestudy program based on outdoor experiential learning that can be accredited towards highschool graduation.

The technical side of online programing is all very new for me but it really seems like the way of the future. I have been working with a group of middle school age kids over the past several months with a prototype of the online program that I designed in Keith’s last course, and by the middle of June, hope to have some results to share. They are participating in a storytelling project of their learning throughout the semester. (I also attempted to set up my Kichwa students in the Amazon with the same program but their access to technology is too sporadic and it will have to wait until I go back down there again next winter).

I am looking forward to this course and to interacting with everyone!

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  1. Hi Tashmyra- sounds like you have a dream job!- what is your title/role and which district are you in? The ‘programming’ aspect of managing online learning is very straight forward these days and there are many GUI (graphic user interfaces) that make it super-easy… – Derek

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