The Criteria I would use to evaluate a resource found on the internet for my students:

  1. Is the site appropriate in content for the age group? Are the language and visuals appropriate for a junior high age student.
  2. Is the content from a reputable source and is the content verifiable.
  3. Is the educational content of the site appropriate for the assignment.
  4. Is the site user friendly.
  5. Is it a free or a pay site.

The website I decided to evaluate is  which is a site that provides educational resources based on state curriculum in the USA.

  1.  This is an educational resource site for years k-12.  It would be appropriate for a junior high age group.
  2. The site was started by two reputable individuals who’s backgrounds can be easily researched online.  It’s educational content is verifiable as it can be checked out against other educational websites for veracity.
  3. This would be appropriate for any assignment based on principles in math, science, technology or engineering.  There is information on any concept covered in the curriculum.
  4. The site is very user friendly. There is an easy to follow menu of various units in science and math  as well as a search function.
  5. This is a free site to join and it does accept donations.


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