Hi, my name is Steve Deighton and I’m excited to be taking my first University class in 23 years.  I work at Mountain Park Middle school where I teach grade 9 Math and Science.  I happen to work with Marku, who is also in this class.  I decided that I need to become more proficient with technology in the classroom, so here I am.  After about an hour struggle I have managed to get my picture on this blog.  I live in Calgary, Alberta with my family of a wife and three daughters.  I have been teaching for 23 year with experience at at three schools in Calgary, one on the Tsuu T’ina Reserve and one in Renmark, South Australia.  I enjoy being in the outdoors, spending a good part of my summer in the Rocky Mountains backpacking and trail running.

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  1. keith webster says:

    Hi Steve,

    Good to see you in the course. I’m sure you’re going to get a healthy introduction to technology in this course. We will be concentrating on media but so much of this is technology-dependent. Feel free to reach out if you’re having difficulty getting something done in this course.



  2. aeaston says:

    This is my first university course in 16 years so I’m also excited, although there are some nerves associated with being back on the other side of the MarkBook!! Look forward to working with you.

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