EDDL 5101

sdeighton on October 18, 2018

I have to admit that I’ve infringed on copyright laws on numerous occasions throughout my teaching career.  I know ignorance is not a great excuse, however, I have paid almost zero attention to copyright laws and any guidelines that I would have to follow to avoid infringement.  As an example I’ve shown Bill Nye videos […]

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sdeighton on October 17, 2018

To be honest, until now I haven’t given the issue of Cybersafety much thought.  The times I use our school computers or the students are allowed to use their phones for research, I’m assuming they are using their technology appropriately.  I know our school board has a system that blocks access to “bad” websites so […]

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sdeighton on October 12, 2018

My learning activity is to make an online poster to define and show biomagnification to help explain the causes and effects when contaminants enter a food chain.  I used the SECTIONS method to design a lesson that I could use in my class.  The lesson is to make a poster of an aquatic food chain.  I […]

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sdeighton on September 13, 2018

My name is Steve Deighton.  I am a grade 8 and 9 science teacher in Calgary.  I’ve been teaching for 24 years mostly in Calgary and am currently at Mountain Park School.  Just over a year ago I decided I needed to be more proficient with technology in the classroom so I ended up taking […]

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