To be honest, until now I haven’t given the issue of Cybersafety much thought.  The times I use our school computers or the students are allowed to use their phones for research, I’m assuming they are using their technology appropriately.  I know our school board has a system that blocks access to “bad” websites so I trust that it will work properly and keep kids from certain sites.  I’ve never thought of it from the perspective of the student and how limiting internet access may actually be doing kids a disservice.  I also haven’t had any kids ever complain about not being able to access critical information on a project.  This is likely because of the age group I teach, I would imagine that in high school, this could be an even bigger issue.

As an educator I realize the importance of cybersafety and know that I need to ensure the safety of kids using and online platform.  In the future I need to take a more proactive approach to ensuring students are using the internet in an appropriate manner.  As well I need to be aware of the limitations of firewalls and the information they are blocking students from discovering.

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