The readings from Kanuka and Anderson & Dron made me reflect on my on my own teaching practices and which educational model I most identify with.  I, for a time, had resisted changing the way I teach and becoming more accepting an willing to change with the times.  I taught in what would be considered a “traditional”  approach, me providing the information at the front of the classroom and students, in rows, listening and doing most work on their own.  I have adapted to using a more Humanist approach where the role of the teacher is that of facilitator, helper, and partner in the learning process. The teacher does not simply provide information;he or she must create the conditions within which learning can take place. The teacher should facilitate the process of the students to be self-directed, by serving as a resource person and by encouraging students to set their own goals.  (Kanuka, H. 2008)  Over the years I’ve adapted to the idea that learning should be a more active than passive endeavor.  Another quote made me feel good about my teaching practice over the years and my sometimes confusing relationship with technology in the classroom. “Educators have always had profoundly ambiguous and often suspicious relationships with technology.”  (Anderson, T. & Dron, J. 2012) I feel relieved that grappling with educational technology has been going on since the beginning of formalized education.

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