I’m using Paul’s criteria to analyze  https://www.ck12.org/student/ .

Is the website name embedded in the URL with a recognizable domain?

The name of site is in the URL and it’s a .org domain

 Are the content and intentions of the website made clear on the home page?

The content and intentions are very clear as well there is a link to a video which makes the contents even more clear.

Is the grammar and spelling of content well-presented and correct?

The grammar and spelling are both fine

Is it well laid out with obvious navigation tools where you were expecting?

The site is easy to navigate, there are 5 headings: Dashboard, Classes, Library, Cafe and Browse.

Is the information provided first or second hand by the website’s authors?

The information would have been researched and presented in a unique way for educational purposes.

Are there hyperlinks to given sources? 

Yes there are many hyperlinks to sources.

Do you need to subscribe for a free or paid period to use the website?

It is a free website with an option to make a donation.

Are there many adverts and/or pop-ups when using the website?

There are no ads or pop-ups.  There is a hyperlink to the APP store and there are symbols of business who are sponsors when you go to a “Partners” link on bottom of page.

Can you comment/report or contact website owners/writers easily?

There are many help functions at the bottom of homepage such as: webinars, help and contact.

Can you tell where/why/when each piece of information was created?

I can’t see when or where each piece of information was created.  “Why” is for educational purposes.

Does the website have privacy policies and/or terms and conditions readily available?

This site has an extensive terms of use section where items such as prohibited conduct are outlined in great detail.

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