sdeighton on October 30, 2018

HTML Practice Here is a website that I use all the time: Google A list of my favourite movies: Unforgiven Shawshank Redemption Goodfellas No Country for Old Men   Boiling Point and Melting Point for Copper and Nitrogen Element Boiling Point(degrees celsius) Melting Point(degrees celsius) Copper 2560 1085 Nitrogen -195.8 -210    

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sdeighton on October 25, 2018

My Mind Map I could see myself having the students make a mind map as a review for a science unit exam.  This would be a good way of having them organize and review their concepts within a structure that seems to mimic how their brains work.  This might enable them to retain more information […]

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sdeighton on October 18, 2018

I have to admit that I’ve infringed on copyright laws on numerous occasions throughout my teaching career.  I know ignorance is not a great excuse, however, I have paid almost zero attention to copyright laws and any guidelines that I would have to follow to avoid infringement.  As an example I’ve shown Bill Nye videos […]

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sdeighton on October 17, 2018

To be honest, until now I haven’t given the issue of Cybersafety much thought.  The times I use our school computers or the students are allowed to use their phones for research, I’m assuming they are using their technology appropriately.  I know our school board has a system that blocks access to “bad” websites so […]

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sdeighton on October 12, 2018

My learning activity is to make an online poster to define and show biomagnification to help explain the causes and effects when contaminants enter a food chain.  I used the SECTIONS method to design a lesson that I could use in my class.  The lesson is to make a poster of an aquatic food chain.  I […]

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sdeighton on October 10, 2018

The activity I’m evaluating is Gizmos which offerers interactive online simulations for math and science.  The material is presented in a way that encourages enquiry and exploration of various concepts. S tudents Simulations are based on Alberta Ed. curriculum and are appropriate for each age group.  Students can access Gizmos on school provided laptops.  They […]

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sdeighton on October 6, 2018

A massive open online course (MOOC) is a type of online university course that is not constrained by what would be considered a traditional learning approach.  The course would be open to anyone from throughout the world, have limited prerequisites to take it, all the resources needed are online and most are offered free of […]

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The readings from Kanuka and Anderson & Dron made me reflect on my on my own teaching practices and which educational model I most identify with.  I, for a time, had resisted changing the way I teach and becoming more accepting an willing to change with the times.  I taught in what would be considered a […]

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