sdeighton on January 30, 2018

I created the following layered graphic using Sumopaint.  Each layer shows progression in completing a Punnett square.   I started with a question and an empty square. Next, I wrote in the alleles that the male and female were contributing followed by the genotypes of the offspring in each square. Finally I showed the probability […]

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sdeighton on January 24, 2018

For my graphics activity I used a website called Canva.  It seems like a good site (the only one I have ever used),  it’s relatively user friendly and has a lot of free pictures available.  The only problem I had with the site was not being able to save the work in my own files […]

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sdeighton on January 23, 2018

I picked a wildlife picture with some zebras and a wildebeest. I cropped out the wildebeest and four zebras because I liked the way the solitary zebra looked standing in front of the tree.              

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sdeighton on January 17, 2018

The resource I have chosen are Gizmos, which are interactive math and science simulations.    Media used in resource simulations sounds graphics text Educational context The simulations used in Gizmos can be used from grades 3-12. They meet many of the outcomes required by Alberta Education.  Gizmos use an inquiry based approach to learning […]

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sdeighton on January 16, 2018

Assignment: week 2 Activity 1 I have taken this math question out of our grade 9 math text in a chapter on Linear Relations and Equations. A submarine starts at sea level and descends 50 m every 5 min. a) Make a table of values of the submarine’s depth, using intervals of 5 min, up […]

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sdeighton on January 12, 2018

Hi, my name is Steve Deighton and I’m excited to be taking my first University class in 23 years.  I work at Mountain Park Middle school where I teach grade 9 Math and Science.  I happen to work with Marku, who is also in this class.  I decided that I need to become more proficient […]

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