I typically need a lot of help when it comes to my use of technology in the classroom.  I tend to get help from staff members, students and youtube.  The teacher who instructs the Tech class is the most important person on staff to get to know.  My biggest challenge every year is setting up my D2L shells, getting students registered and putting on content.  It is an excellent organizational tool for students, however, unless you spend a lot of time tinkering with it, it can be complicated to set up .  Since it is usually set up at the start of the year, by the time  you get to the next school year one may have forgotten everything from the previous year.  Students are also a good source of technical assistance at times and they are usually more than happy to help out and show you what they  know and help you with problems that may arise during class.  And finally there is youtube which is a great tool for technical issues at school and to for assistance with this course.

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