Here is the state of techonolgy that I experience at my school.   In my classroom there is a rather constant use of networked devices by me and my students.  I have a laptop attached to a projector that I use quite extensively.  On this I use powerpoints, show youtube videos or use other sites that give a good visual representation of concepts.  Students have access to laptops when needed.  I share a cart of 23 laptops with a teacher directly across the hallway from me.  If we need them at the same time we can have the kids share computers in small groups or let them use their phones.  Almost every single student I teach brings a phone to school.   We also have a Mac lab that is used for option classes but there is usually space for other students to use them .  As well we have a Learning Commons that can be signed out and that has desktops for at least 40 students.  In years past it was difficult to get a class set of computers.  Our school had a limited number and it seemed the Humanities teachers would use them more and as a Science teacher you would use them on occasion when they were available.  Now, with the increased number of computers and smartphones, getting a computer is not and issue anymore.  Students use google docs at times to complete projects, it is a good tool in my science class when students sometimes do group lab write-ups and other group projects.

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