Pedagogy of Multimedia Enhanced Student Activity

The creation of a multimedia product that combines text, pictures and audio would be appropriate for students from grade 4 and up.
Learning Outcome: students create an shareable artifact representing discovered examples from their own personal environment, reinforcing and expanding on classroom theory.
This could help the student recognize “real-world” instances of course material in a personal, meaningful way. I’ve used the example of environmental issues but really this framework could be used for many topics.  I think the scavenger hunt/Pokémon Go style would be fun and motivating for a wide audience in any number of art and science courses.

Pedagogy of the project includes:

  • group collaboration; student’s can divide up work based on skill set
  • constructivism; students actively explore and create
  • authentic assessment of course material
  • intrinsic motivation; discovery-based creative process
  • multimedia project enabled by emerging technology
  • social aspects; posting and commenting on peers work

Some links are provided, but students are encouraged to find their own resources. Finding relevant, legitimate information on the Internet is a skill that all students need. If not already covered, this would be a good opportunity to introduce privacy, safety, and copyright issues.

The multimedia project combines video, audio and text using readily available hardware and software technologies. I think I am safe in assuming that today’s (and tomorrows) students will have access to a smartphone capable of capturing video and photos. I believe Movie Maker software is user-friendly enough for todays “digital native“ students and is appropriate editing software for a wide audience. Windows has stopped supporting and providing Movie Maker for pc, but I see there is an app available for Windows 10 and mobile devices. This would make it possible to do the whole project on your phone or tablet.