Multimedia Enhanced Student Activity

To support classroom learning and increase awareness of local environmental issues and initiatives, students will document “real-world” examples of environmental activities in their home and community.

In groups of 3, students will use Windows Movie Maker create a montage on the topic of “Our Environment”. Gather images or short video clips from around your own home, neighbourhood, and community to illustrate both good and bad examples of environmental practice.

You are free to be creative but your submitted assignment MUST contain the following mandatory elements:

  • A title at the beginning with your group’s names, date and course number.
  • 10 or more video clips and/or pictures
  • Audio “soundtrack” of your choice. Include at least one instance each of narration, music and sound effects.
  • At least 3 Captions explaining or commenting on the visuals.
  • Transitions for each clip/picture
  • At least 1 Effect
  • Credits at the end showing the contribution of each group member and any others that may have helped.

Movie Maker has a good built-in help and “How-to” resources. As well here are some links to help you get started but you may need to look up specific topics on your own:

Save your finished work in .wmv format and submit through Blackboard/Moodle. Use the Comment box to give a brief description of what your project contains including the names and timestamps of the effects, transitions and music used.
Post your finished video to the Blackboard/Moodle Discussion Board for others to see. After the due date, look at the other groups work and make a comment on each one.

Look here for the pedagogy of this Multimedia Enhanced Student Activity