Movie Maker editing and effects

I wanted to explore what kind of editing and effects were possible with Windows Live Movie Maker.
I started with a 02:30 Quick Time (.mov) video of my daughter at a piano recital (playing the Beatles’ Norwegian Wood) and started adding effects. I needed to split the video to apply multiple effects. The final video includes the following effects:
• Title with cinematic burst (simulated lens flare). Many font, colour and effect options
• Blur in from black transition
• Black and white, classic followed by cyan tone and sepia tone
• Edge detection: black and whitish, looks like a pencil drawing?
• Posterize, colourization looks sort of like a poster
• 3D ripple: funky swirl distortion
• Mirror horizontal, there’s also mirror vertical available
• Hue: cycles through colour spectrum
• Pixelate: classic digital age
• Spin: like the video is a postcard
• Warp: wave like distortion
• Fade out to black
• Credits: all kinds of fades, fonts, themes, and effects available

I added captions to each segment to identify the effect.
A threw in 30 seconds of the original Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) over the credits.
Lots of publish options, from HD to email size. I Saved in 960 x 720 format, which gave a 172 MB .wmv file. Took about 30 minutes to upload to YouTube.

1 thought on “Movie Maker editing and effects

  1. WOW! Was that ever neat! I really needed to watch what you have created over the past few assignments to know what to work on with my movie making. I think I’m going to play with one of my dog training videos and see what I can create (i.e. copy yours- the highest level of flattery, no?) Again – thanks for giving me ideas about what to try next!

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