Editing Audio Files: Stuart McLean

I was saddened this week (Feb.15) to hear of the passing of long-time CBC broadcaster Stuart McLean. McLean created the weekly radio show “The Vinyl Café” in 1994 and continued until his diagnosis with cancer in 2015. There were also books and live performances based on the Vinyl Café characters. I always loved listening to the Vinyl Café and McLean leaves behind a legacy of recorded material that we can continue to enjoy, even now that he is gone. I have created a small compilation of Vinyl Café moments using Audacity.  I downloaded pieces from the Internet Archive and the CBC’s Vinyl Cafe library.


1 thought on “Editing Audio Files: Stuart McLean

  1. Hi Rick,

    A good example of splicing two audio pieces together. I hope that the Vinyl Cafe episodes can become a permanent archive. There’s lots to be found there that could enhance radio/audio presentations for years to come. My family has listened to the Vinyl Cafe all these years (though my oldest was starting to get ‘too cool’ for it). I consider it similar to radio that shaped my youth (Peter Gzowski, Jack Webster) and I hope that there’s something just as good on the air when they grow up.


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