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Hello! EDDL 5151 Introduction

Hi, my name is Jose Pascua. I am a husband, father of two sons, and an educator. I am currently a Grade Seven teacher at St. Pius X Elementary School in North Vancouver, BC.

I’ve been teaching at the elementary level for twelve years.  I am originally from Los Angeles, California. My family and I moved to Vancouver, BC about four years ago. I’ve taught in various elementary schools, from pubic schools to the private sector now. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching in the South Bronx in New York City for a couple years. In short, my teaching vocation has brought me to interesting cities and places, with Vancouver being the most current adventure.

I’m hoping to incorporate technology in my classroom in a more dynamic manner, particularly with the new, redesigned BC Curriculum implemented this school year.  I’m looking forward to learning with you and hopefully stealing some great teaching ideas from you.

As an American living in Canada, the experience has been amazing thus far. I’m learning to acclimate to the subtle differences and it’s been a great learning process. 


1 jomedley { 05.23.17 at 5:03 am }

Hello Jose!
You sure have been teaching in some interesting spots. It must make for a very interesting instructional experience. I taught secondary school in the public system and do miss working with the young people; but, working at the post secondary level has been very rewarding in a different way.
I look forward to your insights from such diverse experience.

2 pascuaj16 { 08.01.17 at 10:44 pm }

Hi, Jo. I apologize for the super late reply but thank you for reaching out and commenting. I hope to someday teach at the high school level. I’ve always wondered if I could do it. I really enjoy working with the younger students as well. Regardless, I feel very blessed to be a teacher and be able to do it in various cities and teaching environment. I also look forward to your insights!

3 Lori Burns { 08.01.17 at 11:10 pm }

Hi Kerrie,

You can now post! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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