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EDDL Assignment 1: Multimedia Enhanced Lesson

Six-Word Memoir Lesson

For this multimedia enhanced lesson, I incorporated the following programs and applications to create my online lesson on how to write a Six-Word Memoir.

  • Google Sites
  • Google Slides
  • Screencastify Lite
  • Photos (IOS)
  • Google Photos
  • Snapseed
  • Voice Memo (iPhone)

As a Grade Seven teacher, writing is an area that I like to focus on. It’s very important to find new ideas or ways to develop a love for writing. With that in mind and with our new generation of the smartphone student, I thought it would be fun to incorporate writing with some familiar technology. The Six-Word Memoir is a form of storytelling, and definitely caters to the saying of less is more.  

This particular lesson allows the student to utilize media in either a visual or auditory fashion. Using photography and mobile editing allows the writing to be captured in a visual format very common to the student. With various social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat, the marrying of text and visuals is a common feature for sharing.

The audio recording component allows the student to have the option of recording their Six-Word Memoir. This definitely helps the student who prefers to talk or learns more so from talking. This avenue also allows the student who is disinterested in writing to meet the learning objectives of the lesson without the physical writing.

With the engagement provided through the use of media, my hopes are to have my Grade Seven students find a unique way to write stories and to extend their interest in story writing.

My lesson is pedagogically sound due to the incorporation of the digital storytelling components found within Jason Ohler’s storytelling and new media narrative. It took some time to plan this lesson, being that my daily forum for teaching has me providing direct instruction in front of my classroom. I found this resource to be helpful, especially with the rehearsal of my Screencastify instructional clip. I must’ve tried at least ten takes before I found one to my liking.

I was happy with this lesson but I always feel that certain parts could’ve improved. Maybe I should’ve done one more take? Maybe I should’ve produced a “how to” clip on how to produce a voice recording with a smartphone?

I’ve learned that after the delivery of a lesson, subtle changes that upgrade the effectiveness of your lesson must be considered and often implemented.

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1 Abbi Easton { 04.09.18 at 2:25 am }

Hi Jose,
I like the idea behind your lesson. I think a student who struggles with writing would really appreciate it as it gives them a chance to express themselves through meaningful words instead of having to struggle through writing paragraph after paragraph. The link for Jason Ohler’s storytelling and new media narrative that you included does not seem to be working but I do remember reading through it a few lessons back. Hope you get a chance to do the lesson with your students and that it goes well.

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