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Assignment #1: YouTube

YouTube is arguably the most important website in terms finding one go-to location for both knowledge and entertainment. A consumer can use YouTube to learn how to replace a flat tire on a 2009 Scion Xb. A teacher can use YouTube to find a clip of how ancient man lived five thousand years ago with the discovery of the Iceman Otzi. A student can use YouTube to better understand the Pythagorean Theorem, should he be absent from an Algebra class. YouTube can also be a source of entertainment as the era of vlogging and celebrity youtubers has engaged many younger viewers. Regardless of what the YouTube viewer does with the site, YouTube can play a vital role in incorporating student engagement in the current classroom mold.

Ease of Use

YouTube has evolved to become a more user-friendly site over the years. With the smart phone and tablet era, consumers can simply download the YouTube application and upload directly to YouTube. While using smartphones tends to be the norm, traditional laptop/desktop users can continue to utilize the YouTube website to upload content.

In conducting tests for the ease of using YouTube, three steps need to be taken to create and upload content in a simple manner. First, an account via email must be created. Second, the YouTube application should be installed. Finally, determining what to record and upload via your account.

YouTube is very simple to use and can easily be utilized in a classroom setting. The only obstacle that would be in question would be the age of the student in the creation of a user account.  Parental permission to create an account would be required for those students under the age of thirteen. It is vital for an educator of intermediate grades to review school adopted policies regarding the use of YouTube for classroom purposes. With this particular situation, the facilitator (teacher) should adjust settings to cater to specific account holders (i.e. shared private links for specific student users from the classroom).

It’s definitely a tool that can be utilized in the classroom in variety of ways. YouTube can be a resource for videos that provide a more fun an engaging side of a particular lesson. YouTube playlist can also be created as student assignments or as recommended supplemental resources. The option of recording lectures or class lessons for flipped classroom purposes is something YouTube account users can utilize in education as well.

Confidentiality of Discussion

            YouTube users in the realm of education can use the site to facilitate private discussions for assigned playlists or clips created for specific lessons. Through the use of YouTube’s Video Manager, account holders can choose to make clips and playlists private so only designated users may view through a shared link.

It is a simple process to save YouTube clips as a private video. Simply click on Video Manager to see a list of uploaded videos from your channel. Click on the private option to make videos private. Under private videos, the public are unable to search for private videos. The downside to making uploaded videos private is the inability to post comments. As of August 29, 2016, YouTube announced that private video comments would be deleted and no longer allowed. Private messages may be exchanged between users regarding the content of a private video.

A possible solution for the classroom teacher to facilitate and control YouTube based class discussions would be to utilize Google Classroom to serve as a bridge to connect class discussion with the ability to control discussion visibility for YouTube clips.

A teacher is able to invite students to join a Google Classroom. Once all students are members of the Google Classroom, the teacher may post assignments which give access to various public, unlisted, or private YouTube clips. Within the post, the teacher has the option to allow commenting within the Google Classroom assignment. With a Google Classroom assignment post, the teacher may also have the ability to allow other students to view comments or comment privately.


YouTube allows its users to ability to download uploaded videos as MP4 files. The MP4 format is useful for use with other sites such as Google Drive or Flickr. For filmmaking programs like iMovie, the MP4 file can be imported and used for editing.

YouTube also provides its users to delete videos. Users can go to their account pages and click on Creator Studio to have access to Video Manager. With Video Manager, users may select the delete action to remove videos from YouTube. Once videos are deleted, no one will be able to view the video anymore. It may take some time for the video to completely disappear, but little information is provided on the site to suggest the estimated time of video deletion.

Appropriateness of Academic Use

YouTube provides a valuable service to the classroom teacher because of the varying ways it can be applied to grade-level curriculum.

YouTube can be a supplemental tool to provide students with an opportunity with the experience of seeing parts of the world they’ve only read about. Teachers can create playlists to supplement classroom concepts taught.

For the teachers who have implemented the flipped classroom, YouTube is a valuable resource to upload online lectures or to find lectures from other flipped classroom educators. With the heavy volume of educational videos uploaded, YouTube can be a valuable source of information for teachers looking to incorporate technology into their classroom lessons.

It is important to note that YouTube has the potential to play a larger role in education. It is likely that teachers will take this resource and utilize it  for activating more engagement in the twenty-first century classroom.






















































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