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OMG!  I can’t believe I made this work!  Keith – I followed your instructions and html code and cut and copied into “text” in my new post to make this work.  I’d be surprised however, if I can redo this if I ever wanted to again.  I was able to resize the image (I think appropriately) to a thumbnail size (are there specific dimensions usually used for thumbnail?) using Sumo and then uploaded the original image and the thumbnail image into my media on my dashboard.  I did as you instructed and with some playing around in html managed to make it work like yours.  I don’t think I could do it again on my own though.  Does one always need the code to do this?  Am I supposed to be learning/writing down the code so I remember?  Is there a way to do if from the “visual” screen and not use html to get it to do what we did.  Sorry I have so many questions.  I found this very challenging and am surprised I was actually able to make it work.  

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  1. keith webster says:

    Hi Nicole,

    You can take a look at my comment on Kerrie’s blog for more description on just what goes into this thumbnail exercise. If you think this is an option you want to have in your back pocket I would suggest you make a copy of the HTML code and keep it somewhere you can access readily (on the other hand this course site should be accessible for many years to come).

    Many sites will do something like this for you. In WordPress, if you embed an image using the ‘Visual’ tab, you can select the little pencil icon to edit the image and then select a smaller size. If this image is selected by a reader they will see a full size of the image. Other systems like Moodle don’t really do this for you.

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