“Really simple syndication” is a bit of an understatement for a technology challenged learner, but I’m working with it!  I’ve chosen to work with the RSS, Feedly, based on the recommendations in the resources.  After learning all about the now defunk Google RSS, I was saddened to not have it as an option!  I’ve been intrigued by the promise of having all good things come to me, but am now feeling more overwhelmed by all the great articles opening up to me in my feeder and not having the time to read them all!  I’ve subscribed to four blogs that have either been referred to by my colleagues, or that I’ve found by using the app.  Currently, I am receiving posts from Edutopia, Free Technology for Teachers, Edudemic and Ted-Ed.

Edutopia was a blog that was referred to by a ministry representative when she spoke on our curriculum implementation day last week.  It seems to have a wealth of information on relevant topics.

Free Technology for Teachers caught my eye as I browed the options.  Many students on the ASD spectrum enjoy working with technology.  An article, linking to a useful tutorial on “How to Create Simple Comics on Pixton”  drew me to it because on Wednesday,  I will begin working with a new students with ASD who benefits tremendously by understanding perspectives through a comic strip model.  He also loves using computers.  Perhaps together we will learn how to use this free program and develop some useful comic scenarios to help him with social learning and communication.

Ted-Ed was easy to choose because the visual, video model is a great way for me to learn new things.  There is a wide variety of topics and many of the links can be used for direct student instruction (after careful previewing to be sure.)

Edudemic looks like a great resource!  I found it after reading Andrea’s blog and really connected with many of the topics.

For now, I’m going to stick with these four links before I add more to my Feedly page.  I’ve figured out how to move them around, add and delete and customize my page a little.  Again, I find using it easier on my iPhone, than on my laptop.


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