I thought I’d play a little with the free app – Voki to create an avatar to use on my school’s Moodle site.  I’ve taken the plunge and created an active wiki on my school LMS and am playing with my students as we work to create a space to share information about Kona (our animal-assisted activity dog).  Cairn’s were originally bred to kill rats in Scotland and so I’ve used the app to create a rat avatar and recorded a wee introduction that I will post on our site.  I have a puppet, known as Ratty, that I use with my students as we work on literacy activities.  I think they are going to love this technology connection.

I’m not sure how to make this all work – but I’m hoping to have Ratty’s image on the site and then with a click you get her intro.  Stay tuned as I work with the app. – I’m having technical problems with the audio so please be patient!

I’ve sent an email to the Voki folks to see if they can help me troubleshoot my computer to make the audio upload to the app – in the meantime I recorded my “script” for Ratty using Audacity and have attached it here.


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