2 Comments on Part A: Annotated Resource List – Individual

  1. aprohoroff says:

    Hi Nic. I like how focused your resources are and how you explained you’d use them for your specific lesson. When I did mine I took a very broad approach and was just looking for any type of science resources out there. I can definitely learn something from the way you approached this. I also liked your very simple method of evaluating your sites. When it comes to evaluating sites, I think that simple is best. I see it as a very quick task that we do all the time and so having a simple way to evaluate makes the most sense to me. Well done.


  2. lkondos says:

    Hi Nicole,

    What a superb theme! It is so important to teach students of all ages about the beautify within. Great job with the websites you plan to include.

    I was wondering … do you provide your students with guidelines, like a worksheet, as to what they should be searching for on a website? I find my high school students get overwhelmed when you present them with a website and tell them to browse around. They want to know what they should be looking for.

    Lovely idea! I have a binder full of fairy tales, and I am still wondering how I can include that in a meaningful way to my grade 9 curriculum.

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