The well-developed, curriculum based resources available through the open media websites is amazing.  I am happy to have been introduced to these resources (,, and and have had great success finding activities to use immediately in my teaching context.  I have several pages open on my laptop (I’m thinking the Diigo organizational tool is going to come in handy once I get to learning about it) ready to print, and then send home with students when I’m in to work on Tuesday.  The site that I enjoyed working with the most, for targeting primary materials, was the Open School BC website.  Though the materials cannot be re-mixed, per se, they are high quality, easy to access, BC curriculum based resources and I’m sure my students and parents will appreciate the additions to their home-based learning and teaching.  I did note, through the exploration of the three sites I focused on, that there is not a lot of material available for the early primary years but what is there looks great.

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